Strega Nona

Strega Nona

by Tomie de Paola

Scholastic Inc 1975

29 pages

picture book

Summary: Big Anthony works for Strega Nona, the grandmother witch. She helps people with all sorts of things and is a good woman. But she needs help keeping her house and garden. Big Anthony is just the guy. Strega Nona has a pot that she sings to and it makes endless pasta for her. She sings it to start and to stop, then blows three kisses for it to stop. Big Anthony hears her and discovers the trick. When she leaves town he is told to not touch the pot. But he does, he makes pasta for everyone and tries to stop it with the song, but isn’t able to because he doesn’t know to blow the kisses. So the pot fills the house, and then the yard, and then the town. Strega Nona returns and saves the day, and makes Big Anthony eat all the noodles. And he does.

Response: I read this as a child and I love it just as much now as I used to. It’s a clever story that teaches honesty. The pictures are simple but help tell the story well. It is just a fun read!

Cautions: Disobedient kid! Although he is taught a lesson. Witches.

Recommendation: This is a wonderful story for imaginative elementary age students. It honestly is fun for all ages, so reading this as a family bedtime story would be fun. Everyone would enjoy it.


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