Come Look With Me

Kimberly Lane

Come Look With Me

Charlesbridge 2008

Elementary all ages

32 pages

Non fiction


History is preserved through art. A prized Chinese art form is called the “Three Perfections” which includes painting, poetry, and calligraphy combined into one form. In China even their words written are an art form. Tibetans have some art that was painted on silk fabrics for portability. Statues of Hindu gods are important to Indian Culture. Muslims created the art of miniature painting. Nepalese honor Buddha through sculptures. Japanese adapt woodcut art. Japan is also well known for their anime and manga. Chinese culture often included folding screens called byobu which they would paint. Korean artists liked to portray the daily life of their citizens. The Koreans were also renowned for their celadon pottery.

Your Reaction: Really cool art work portrayed with good in depth explanations. A lot of information.

Potential Problems: No major problems.

Recommendations: Those interested in Eastern culture and those who love art.



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