Destination: Rainforest

Jonathan Grupper

Destination: Rainforest

National Geographic Society 1997


31 pages



Creatures in the rainforest develop different parts and behaviors to survive in their part of the rainforest. There are different layers where they abide: the emergent layer, the canopy, the understory, and the forest floor. The food chain is how life works in the forest. It is hot in the rainforest and the rivers contain piranhas. Relationships in the forest can be symbiotic or parasitic. The afternoon is when the forest is the hottest. Almost every afternoon their will be a huge downpouring of rain. Each year a section of the rainforest is cleared the size of Washington state. Nocturnal creatures emerge at night time.

Your Reaction: Scientific mixed with… political? Yes we do not want the rainforest destroyed, but I feel like their was a slight agenda going on.

Potential Problems: Political agenda.

Recommendations: Tree huggers and children interested in foreign animals.



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