Space: Earth, Sun, and Moon

Robin Birch

Space: Earth, Sun, and Moon

Chelsea Clubhouse 2003


32 pages

Non fiction


The earth has different layers surrounding a core of hot liquid. It is spherical. Water covers much of its outer surface. From space we can see Earth’s curves. We spin all the way around in a circle in 24 hours which is our day. We orbit the sun for 365 days which is a year. Seasons change depending on our orbit position. The sun is the closest star to earth. The moon can block the sun in a solar eclipse. Sunlight on the atmosphere makes the sky appear blue. We sent a space probe called Ullysses to learn about the sun. The moon is a solid sphere much like the earth but much smaller.

Your Reaction: Goes through a lot of basic information about the outside world. Very easy to understand.

Potential Problems: None.

Recommendations: Children interested in their planet and the solar system.



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