The All New Amelia

Marissa Moss

The All New Amelia

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 1999


40 pages

Realistic Fiction


A journal of a young girl who is worried about how she looks, how other people look, how her peers treat her, and how teacher’s treat her. She is concerned about trends that she doesn’t start. She is trying to make friends with the popular girl in her class who is her class partner in archeology. Her partner has a british accent so she pays extra close attention to other’s voices. Her popular partner is a bit of a priss so not much gets done in their dig site. She feels like when she looks in the mirror she is not seeing herself. She has an image of how she should be, but it isn’t who she is. She thinks nail polish might help–nope. Her friend Carly doesn’t like the changes she’s making. Her popular partner is not becoming her friend, in fact, the opposite is in effect. She tried to change her luck. She put pocket dolls in her pocket and finally discovered an artifact. She was hoping the luck would transfer into her friendship with Carly, but she realized she lost the doll! She decided to apologize. She told her she would be herself. They celebrated as a class all their success. Popular friend Charisse finally treated Amelia normal when Amelia treated her normal. She found her lucky doll in the basket. All was well again!

Your Reaction: Cute and silly. I liked that it taught to be yourself and not anyone else. That is one of the most valuable lessons a girl can learn at a young age.

Potential Problems: Conformity.

Recommendations: Elementary girls who need to start learning to be themselves.



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