Where Fish Go in Winter and Other Great Mysteries

Amy Goldman Koss

Where Fish Go in Winter and Other Great Mysteries

Puffin Books 1987

Reading level 3

32 pages



When the lake ices over the fish essentially hibernate. Popcorn pops because of steam pressure from the moisture on the inside pushing out the hard shell. Wings help birds to fly only if they are the right proportion to the bird. Islands do not float, they are the top of mountains under the sea. Snakes shed skin because their skin is not flexible so they just grow new skin over their growing bodies. Touching a could would be like holding mist. Cats purr because their tummy muscles flutter. Leaves change colors because of clorophyll. The sound in a seashell is air and our blood rushing through our ear. The man in the moon is just rocks reflecting light. Turtles cannot leave their shell. Spiders will not get stuck in their webs because they have oily bodies. Onion oil turns to vapors that enters our eyes and nose and causes tears. Seeds are aware of gravity so thus decide how to grow.

Your Reaction: This was excellent because it told facts with pretty pictures and it was said in poem form. Beautiful and informative.

Potential Problems: None.

Recommendations: Curious young readers. Probably early or pre elementary school.



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